The Story Book1:The ShadowAngels PROLOGE Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5 Ch6 About the ShadowAngels Characters Claw Smoke Klay Fern Fang Nayno Bell How it began Traditions/Customs Anatomy Creatures/Monsters In the North PineForest-Dwellers Arctic-Dwellers Mountain-Dwellers Ocean-Dwellers Lake/Stream-Dwellers Cave-Dwellers In the South Forest-Dwellers Lake/Stream-Dwellers Grassland-Dwellers Ground-Dwellers Swamp-Dwellers In the East Forest-Dwellers Mountain-Dwellers Grassland-Dwellers Ground-Dwellers Lake/Stream-Dwellers Ocean-Dwellers Cave-Dwellers Swamp-Dwellers In the West Jungle-Dwellers Cave-Dwellers Ocean-Dwellers Lake/Stream-Dwellers Desert-Dwellers Wastland-Dwellers Swamp-Dwellers Gloshes What is a Glosh? Forest Glosh Water Glosh Serpent Glosh Sightless Glosh Flame Glosh Dream-Eater Glosh Storm Glosh Cave Glosh Moon Glosh